Polytechnic High School welcomes all interested donors, sponsors and partners to carry out the School Mission and Development Plan.

Making a donation to Polytechnic High School means you are empowering the next generation of smart leaders, creative thinkers and global citizens.

We need Your support to expand and develop both particular projects and commitment to excellence in education. Every single gift has a direct impact on our students, empowering them with the tools they need to become the leaders and givers of tomorrow.From laboratory equipment to new classrooms, find out how you can help to fulfill priority needs. We hope the list below will help you decide where to place your investment:

  • for a smart classroom
  • for after-school programming for students
  • for organization of summer schools
  • for a classroom furniture
  • to buy equipments for Robotics and other extracurricular clubs
  • to buy lab supplies for students in science class
  • to create modern e-learning environment, virtual courses and labs
  • for an awards recognizing student achievement

If a sponsor chooses to finance any part of the School – a classroom, lab, etc. – He is entitled to give His name to it. At the entrance of the sponsored part or in an adjacent area, a sign with the sponsor’s name is posted.


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