Math olympiad club

Advisors: Dr. Hamlet Martirosyan and Dr. Rafael Alikhanyan,


Where: Room 7230

When: 10 class. saturday, 8:30-11:30: 11 class. saturday, 9:15-11:30

Who: Open to all PHS students

Welcome to the Polytechnic High School Math Club! Our purpose is to promote interest and excitement about mathematics in a friendly, collaborative environment!

We extend our mathematical knowledge and critical thinking skills acquired in math class by practicing math contest problems during our weekly practices. These math problems stimulate the mind and enhance our pattern recognition and logical reasoning capabilities!

These contest math problems are quite different from the math that you do in your math classes at school; they’re more logic-based, and only require an understanding of basic algebra and geometry. They are also a lot more fun! If you get stuck on any of the problems, feel free to ask for help. We take a casual approach in Math Club!

Among other activities, we participate in several math contests throughout the year, including Math Regional League, Republic Math Olympiad, Schol Math Contest etc.

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