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Who we are

Polytechnic High School (PHS) is an general educational institution that implements basic, advanced and additional trainig programms. Its mission is to bring innovative educational praxes to advance the goals of 21st century learning.

PHS strives to promote a rigorous and interdisciplinary academic program that merges with student-driven research, project-based learning, and technology literacy. We immerse students in a culture of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking with the intended purpose of developing students to be inventors, problem solvers, and leaders in local and global spheres.

We develop our students holistically, attending individually and with earnest interest to their intellectual pursuits, artistic/athletic talents, emotional wellbeing, and moral development. All members of the PHS community strive to model the virtues of honesty, self-discipline, responsibility, harmony, selflessness, and respect for others in an effort to promote the common good.

Our History

Polytechnic High School (the former University Basic College) is founded in 1994. Initially it was a secondary educational institution subordinated to the Ministry of Education, and in 2011, by the Government’s decision, the Basic college was reorganized and united with the Polytechnic University.

Currently Polytechnic High School has 899 students.

PHS offers 4 advanced training programs  (tracks) with different curricula at school:

  1. Physico-Mathematical,
  2. Engineering,
  3. Design,

PHS has given many talented graduates who continue their studies at various higher educational institutions, and first of all at Polytechnic University. Many graduates are involved in the scientific, industrial and high-tech industries. Nowadays, 60 of them have deserved their PhDs in technical and natural  sciences.

Polytech High School provides quality educational services through its dedicated teachers, many of whom are members of the teaching staff of Polytechnic University. Their most important results  are the annual awards given by the President of Republic to the school’s best students, as well as awards and certificates international and national Olympiads of various.

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